Forms for AGM nominations

Interested in getting active in the union? Fancy helping to organise in your workplace to defend your rights and support your colleagues? Then all you need to do is fill out these forms and return them to us

Want to be an branch officer? (secretary, chair, welfare, etc) Fill out this form: unison-branch-officer-nomination-form-2017

Want to be a delegate to either UNISON National Delegate Conference delegate, Local Government Conference delegate, UNISON Regional Council delegate, UNISON Regional Local Government Committee delegate then please fill out this form:  unison-delegates-nomination-form

Support the Ritzy strikers!

Lambeth UNISON are always big fans of supporting other workers in struggle, it is kind of what the labour movement is all about!

Ritzy cinema workers are striking in Brixton to get the living wage – the proper living wage not the fake one that the Tories have brought in – and we want you to support them.

You can download the motion for your trade union branch here ritzy-strike-motion, which also gives you a very handy petition to take round your workplace to raise some money in solidarity with the strikers!

You can donate to their strike fund online here

Streatham Labour passes motion against institutional racism in Lambeth

This motion was passed by Streatham Constituency Labour Party on 2 November 2016.

This CLP notes that the Runnymede Trust has shown that profiles for each of the capital’s boroughs show Lambeth is the most unequal place to live for people from a BME background.
Furthermore it notes that Lambeth Council has a workforce that is 59% BME but all of the 26 most senior managers are white.
Research by UNISON shows that such disparity occurs across directorates.

We recognise that the Council has established an Equality Commission.  We call upon the Commission to take evidence from UNISON and to address the issues raised on staffing in this motion in their report and recommendations.