Flexible working time – guidelines and information

A number of members have reported that their flexible working time arrangements have been cut back arbitrarily by managers.

Here is the guidelines for ensuring flexible working time isn’t taken away without proper consultation with the worker’s affected.

If any UNISON members feel this is something they are worried about then read these attached guidelines and please get in touch.

Reviewing Flexible Working Arrangements within Teams – guidance for UNISON members and stewards

Get involved, become a shop steward!

Would you like to become a shop steward in UNISON?

A union is only as strong as its members, and its members are stronger when they are better organised. Lambeth UNISON has a number of stewards across the council who help members with any issues they might have at work.  Our stewards are the front line support for our members, helping with organising, listening to members’ views, and promoting democracy and participation. They are also active in recruiting new members – a very important role because the greater the proportion of workers who are members of UNISON, the stronger we are when it comes to having our voice heard, and the more likely we are to win campaigns.

UNISON provides full training for stewards so you can feel confident and capable to represent members and offer advice.

If you would like to take up this opportunity then please print off and complete the following form.

UNISON Stewards nomination form 2016

Please return this form to Paul Fitzgerald, UNISON, International House, by 5pm on Monday 6 June 2016 (or
scan and email to JABlake[at]lambeth.gov.uk).

If you have any questions please email either Ruth Cashman  or Jon Rogers (Rcashman[at]lambeth.gov.uk and JRogers[at]Lambeth.gov.uk).

Lambeth Council on local libraries: Frequently asked questions and non-answers

For the last three months, Lambeth UNISON has submitted a series of questions concerning impact of Culture2020 and the closure of several of our libraries to be converted into “Healthy Living Centres”. Senior council officials have delayed responses and refused to treat our question seriously – they wouldn’t even give us a reply in an official meeting but told us to “Look on the website” for their response.

Below are the most relevant questions, their answers and our response. Continue reading