Petition to defend Corbyn

As you may have seen in the newspapers recently, after Labour lost the Copeland seat our General Secretary Dave Prentis was quoted in the media blaming Corbyn for the defeat.

Some UNISON activists have put together a petition to defend Corbyn. Whilst it is clear that there is a lot of work to do to turn around Labour’s electoral fortunes, it isn’t helped by sniping in the press or unfairly putting all the blame on Jeremy for something that is a much wider problem.

Here is a link to the petition



Lambeth UNISON supports the Ritzy strike

Lambeth UNISON members were on the picketline backing up our brothers and sisters at the Ritzy Picturehouse.


There is a solidarity demo for the cinema workers fighting for a living wage on 25th February -12 noon,  Leicester Square, London

Details are on Facebook