Rally outside the reopened Carnegie ‘library’ – 15 February

Carnegie Library reopening rally 15 February from 1pm! Continue reading


#Metoo – dealing with sexual harrasment at work

If you’re on social media you may have seen your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram filling with #MeToo over the last few days. The hashtag is being used by women following the widespread coverage of allegations of sexual abuse and harassment allegations against Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein. It is intended to give people a sense of the magnitude of the problem – sexual harassment and abuse are not rare aberrations but sadly are commonplace in society.

We stand by all the women who shared their experiences as part of the #MeToo awareness campaign. We stand by all the women who have experienced sexual harassments or assault but didn’t feel ready or confident to share those experiences. We stand by those woman who are so frustrated by the fact we still have to have campaigns like this.

The TUC study, Still just a bit of banter?, which was carried out in with the Everyday Sexism Project, found that: 

  • nearly one in three women have been the subject of unwelcome jokes of a sexual nature at work; 
  • more than one in four women have been the subject of comments of a sexual nature about their body or clothes at work;
  • nearly a quarter of women have experienced unwanted touching;
  • a fifth of women have experienced unwanted verbal sexual advances at work;
  • around one in eight women have experienced unwanted sexual touching or attempts to kiss them at work.

UNISON nationally and locally are committed to supporting individuals who are the victims of sexual harassment and abuse. We also are part of a movement challenging a culture which encourages or ignores predatory behaviour at work and beyond.

Following our survey on sexism at work, we will be organising meetings to share the findings and talk about how to identify, name and act on sexist behaviour in the workplace. If you are interested in helping organise these meetings in your workplace, please contact Ruth Cashman, Branch Secretary.

If there is any issue at work which you want to discuss in confidence contact your local steward or UNISON Direct on 0800 085 7857 and a representative will be allocated to you.

Smash the pay cap! What you can do to win 5%

For too long public sector workers have been underpaid.

Our wages have fallen behind as prices and the cost of living increase.

In real terms we have lost 14% of our salary since 2010.

Now there is a campaign to break the public sector pay cap.  UNISON and other public sector unions have put in a 5% pay claim.

But we all need to get behind this campaign to win it.

What you can do to help.


Please sign this Parliamentary petition to get it debated in Parliament. We need 100,000 signatures (currently on 73,000!) https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/200032


Write to your MP and Councillors

You can write to your local councillors using UNISON’s easy to use website

Write to your Councillors

To find your MPs contact details please visit

Wear badges and stickers

We have loads of badges and stickers in the union office in International House, please pop over to pick some up. If you are not allowed to wear them at work then wear them on outdoor coats, put stickers on the back of your mobile or the back of your ID badge.

Put posters up at work

We also have posters for union notice boards. Get in touch with us at the union office to get some.

Come on the rally outside Parliament on 17th October

There is a rally outside Parliament. Meeting at the Department of Health at 17:30 and marching down Whitehall for a rally at 6pm. Expect big name speakers like Jeremy Corbyn.

Lambeth UNISON will be heading there after our Branch Meeting earlier in the day.

Ritzy: Solidarity Rally With Chris Williamson MP & Helen Hayes MP 11 September

Rally 11 September from 18:00–19:30
Ritzy Cinema

Following the sacking of four union reps at the Ritzy and the suspension of another at Hackney Picturehouse, activists from across the Labour movement have been taking action to support the Picturehouse workers and their Living Wage campaign.

Please join us for a rally at the Ritzy on Monday 11th September with two of the Ritzy campaigns biggest parliamentary supporters: Helen Hayes, MP for Dulwich & West Norwood constituency (which contains the Ritzy), who has persistently raised the campaign in Parliament and Chris Williamson, MP for Derby North, a shadow minister and firm supporter of trade union rights.

More speakers TBC.

Rally 11 September from 18:00–19:30
Ritzy Cinema