Lambeth UNISON survey on the EU

As part of a national survey of UNISON members, Lambeth branch asked our members to tell us what they thought of the various issues raised by the EU referendum debate.

Of the 190 respondants:

75% told us that they thought the EU referendum was very important to UNISON 

Of the issues that members were asked about, they responded as follows:

Workers’ rights, Public services and Equalities were the most important issue for our members in considering how they would vote in the EU referendum.
Migratio, equal treatment and welfare rights was the fourth most important issue for our members.

When asked which way they would like UNISON to campaign on this issue, 78% said they wanted UNISON to campaign to stay in the EU, 21% were in favour of a campaign to leave.

Alan Gibbons on Lambeth Council

I’ll tell you what happens with impossible promises,
Like thinking that, in the world’s fifth richest country,
We can keep libraries open
And offer communities the possibilities
Literacy affords.
You start with far-fetched dreams,
Like children sprawled on the mat
Reading books,
Old people meeting to discuss
The newspapers and fiction,
The unemployed using computers
They can’t afford.
They are then pickled into a rigid dogma,
A code,
Called a comprehensive and efficient service,
And you end up in the grotesque chaos of a Labour council
-a Labour council-
hiring lawyers to scuttle round a city
handing out legal notices to its own people.

Alan Gibbons – award winning children’s author.

Labour members support Carnegie library occupation and call for Jeremy Corbyn to visit

Labour Party members across the country are backing this statement in support of the occupation of Carnegie library – more than a hundred from across the country over the course of the weekend.
Please add your or your organisation’s name by emailing (all signatories pc unless indicated) or fill out the form below Continue reading