Lambeth Unison AGM – 20 January 2016

Lambeth is facing a staggering level of cuts. This will reduce Lambeth Council to a skeleton workforce unless we fight back.

Come along to the Annual General Meeting to have your voice heard

Wednesday 20 January from 12.30
Karibu Centre, Gresham Road

  • Time off agreed
  • Refreshments available

You can download the Annual Report for the AGM here.

Lambeth UNISON Annual General Meeting 2016

Order of Business

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) is organised on a rolling basis in three sessions.

Each session will have the same order of business as follows;

  1. Introductions and apologies for absence.
  2. The Chair will then propose that, at the conclusion of the business of the rolling AGM the meeting will stand adjourned to be reconvened before the end of March in order to consider the 2015 accounts, the 2016 budget and the nomination of shop stewards. At this point the meeting will also consider a proposal to reduce the quorum for future branch meetings from 100 to 50 members;
  3. Minutes of the 2015 Annual General Meeting and matters arising;
  4. Presentation of the Annual Report;
  5. Questions on the Annual Report;
  6. Hustings for candidates for election as Safety Officer and Labour Link Officer;
  7. Debate on motions in the order set out below


Members may attend more than one session (and members moving motions for debate or standing in a contested election are encouraged to do so) but may only vote once (which must be at the first meeting which they attend). Seating will be reserved at the second and third sessions for members who have already attended (and voted at) an earlier session.

Due to pressure of time there will not be hustings for Conference delegate elections. Candidates in those elections will be offered the opportunity to write up to 200 words in support of their candidacy (to be shared between job share candidates) and these will be distributed at each session of the meeting. Only members who pay into the Affiliated Political Fund will be able to vote in the election for Labour Link officer under national UNISON rules.

Motions which fail to be reached at an earlier session of the meeting will not be available for debate at later sessions (as not all members will have had the opportunity to debate these motions) and will be referred to the Branch Committee.

In order for the meeting to be quorate and for decisions taken on motions or in contested elections to stand, a total of at least 100 individual members must attend across all three sessions of the meeting. If the meeting is not quorate after the third session, only those elected in uncontested elections will be declared elected and the Branch Committee will make arrangements to reconvene the meeting.

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