Defend Democracy in the Labour Party

Statement on the recent events in the Labour Party

Lambeth UNISON Branch Commitee condemns in the strongest possible terms:
1. The arbitrary and undemocratic exclusion of many Labour Party members from the leadership contest by setting the time limit as far back as January;

2. The anti-working class hike of the registered supporters’ fee from £3 to £25.
Furthermore, we note that the suspension of all Constituency Labour Party activity for the duration of the contest will have the effect of:

1. Denying party members a forum for legitimate democratic discussion and debate, concerning not only the leadership of our party but also other crucial issues affecting our society;

2. Postponing CLP AGMs at which new committees were due to be elected, in many cases more representative of the influx of new members since Jeremy Corbyn’s victory last year;

3. Keeping many incumbent officers in their posts beyond the expiration of their mandate, and crucially until after this year’s important Labour Party conference has taken place.
We consider these actions to be a coup against party democracy, and call on the National Executive Committee to overturn all of them at the earliest possible opportunity.
4. We also propose to Lambeth Unison Link to hold a special general meeting and invite hustings from all candidates.

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