Dates of our rolling AGM for 2017

The three sessions of the 2017 AGM will take place as follows;
1) Lambeth Schools AGM Tuesday 24th January 2017 from until 5.45, Room 01-01 First Floor International House.
This session is intended for members who work in schools, but is open to any member to attend.
2) Lambeth College AGM Wednesday 25th January 2017 from.3.30pm until, Clapham Centre Site.
This session is open to members who work for Lambeth College. UNISON will seek paid time off for College employees to attend the meeting.
3) Lambeth General AGM Thursday 26th January 2017 from 12.30pm until, Karibu Education Centre, Gresham Road SW9 7PH.
This will be the main session of the AGM. UNISON will seek paid time off for Council employees to attend this meeting.
Members need only attend one session of the AGM and can only vote at the first session which they attend. Retired members are welcome to attend the AGM and may vote on any motions which do not relate to the terms and conditions of members in employment (but do not have a vote in the elections for branch officers and Conference delegates).

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