Boycott the Ritzy! Reinstate the sacked workers! Pay the Living Wage!

The Ritzy cinema has SACKED four trade unionists and is still refusing to pay the living wage.

Lambeth UNISON is backing the boycott of the Ritzy until they reinstate their staff and start to pay the London Living Wage of £9.75 an hour.

We are asking our members NOT TO GO TO THE PICTUREHOUSE CINEMA CHAIN for the remainder of this dispute. Sacking trade unionists to undermine a union is not acceptable and every worker should be paid the living wage. That is why it is called the “living wage” you need it to live on!

Lambeth UNISON activists have been working with the local community to hold a daily picket outside the Ritzy between about 5pm-7pm every week day. We would very much like you to come and get involved – some of you already have and it has been absolutely brilliant!

We have placards and hand out leaflets to passers-by and talk to customers about why they should boycott the Ritzy. Loads have been turned away already. We have to hit the Picturehouse in their wallet to make them listen to their workers.

Please come along after work any day after work Monday to Friday between 5-7pm.

In solidarity

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