Our new branch officers

Our new branch officers elected at our 2018 AGM

We had a very successful Annual General Meeting last week. Thank you to all the members who came.

A number of new people have joined our Branch Committee. These people are workmates who have agreed to volunteer some of their time to help with running the union.

Officer Positions

·       Branch Secretary – Ruth Cashman and Simon Hannah  (RCashman@lambeth.gov.uk and SHannah@Lambeth.gov.uk)

·       Assistant Branch Secretary (Casework) – Hassina Malik

·       Assistant Branch Secretary (Policies and Employee Relations) – Roger Lewis

·       Branch Chair – Gary Whiting

·       Branch Vice Chair – Jocelyn Cruywagen/Dan Jeffery (Job Share)

·       Branch Treasurer – Denise Rhoden-Stewart

·       Publicity Officer – Colette Townend/Gurmeet Khurana (Job Share)

·       Membership Officer – Erin Healy

·       Safety Officer – Bernie Conmy

·       Equality Officer – Simone McKoy

·       International Officer – Gurmeet Khurana

·       Welfare Officer – Simone McKoy

·       Education Officer – Hitesh Patel

·       Returning Officer – Paul Fitzgerald

·       Labour Link Officer – Dan Jeffery

The following positions are vacant – if you are interested in doing any of them then please get in touch with Paul at PDFitzgerald@lambeth.gov.uk

·       Assistant Branch Secretary (Organising) – VACANT

·       Deputy Branch Treasurer – VACANT

·       Branch Auditor – VACANT

·       Deputy Branch Auditor – VACANT

·       Young Members Officer (need to be under 26) – VACANT

·       Learning Co-ordinator (need to be a learning rep – training provided) – VACANT

·       Environmental Officer – VACANT

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