In support of the UCU strike over pensions

Passed at our March Branch Committee

UCU strike

Education is under a massive attack. Tuition fees for university have gone through the roof and colleges are in frantic competition with each other to recruit students. Now the employers want to wreck the pensions of Higher Education staff, who have voted 88% for strike action across the country with record turnouts.

Similarly, staff in FE colleges across London and beyond voted to take strike action following a scandalous below inflation pay offer of 1% from the employer representative, the Association of Colleges, in September.

For the first time in history, staff in 64 UK universities will have struck for a more than a week and have voted to continue.

The strikes have been a massive success with big picket lines and demonstrations, joined now with student occupations at some universities.

We congratulate the UCU members for rejecting the employer’s latest offer in every single university in dispute, despite the recommendation to accept from their union executive.

This branch agrees to:

  • Give full support to UCU members in dispute
  • To support any staff in local colleges taking action as part of the FE dispute
  • Send a message of support to UCU
  • Donate £100 to the UCU strike fund


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