Solidarity with the Windrush generation

Speech by UNISON activist Henry Roberts at the solidarity with the Windrush generation demonstration in Brixton

The treatment of the Windrush generation byt the racist Tory government is a scandal. People that were invited to Britain to work, live, raise families, have fouind their citizenship questioned, been detained, lost their jobs and benefits and some have even been deported. 

Now the Tory government is facing serious opposition and has been forced to aplogies and back down. But the damage is done. The way that people have been trated is an outrage. 

Campaigners organised a protest on Friday 20 April in solidarity with the Windrush generation, spekers included Diane Abbott MP and Gary Younge the writer and journalist. Henry Roberts, an activists from Lambeth UNISON, addressed the demonstration and delivered this speech:

“The treatment of the Windrush generation and their children and is appalling and inexcusable

People who were invited her to fill the labor gaps in the UK to rebuild the country

These people entered the UK legally but are later to be classified as here illegally purely because of the dishonesty and cynical elements of racism 

We feel used abused and undervalued our men and women have contribute positively to the enrichment of British society.

Despite the constant challenges and barrier of racism our people have excelled in all walks of life employment culture sports entertainment, business, you name it we are there representing this country positively

But when you look at poverty , poor health , poor housing , education failure , the criminal justice system we are over represented here.. another element of racism is at  play here

We are always more likely to be to be the wrong side of anything that is punitive or detrimental

What the government immigration policy has done is inexcusable , unfair wrong  and dishonest undemocratic and racist those who have been effected by imprisonment deportation, loss of employment denied health care , denied pensions demand financial restoration ..Those who have been deported to be returned to these shores speedily

We demand open and transparent action to right this wrong.

 We demand tireless efforts by this government to seek out families that have been deported and their status reinstated and each receive an official letter of apology from the government.

Windrush pioneers we respect you to the maximum we feel your hurt and will continue to push for your restoration and financial restoration and compensation.

We stand together against racism in all forms…Brixton … everybody we stand up against racism.

Bless up – One love.”

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