Solidarity with restaurant workers 4 October!

Victory to the McDonalds, TGI Friday and Wetherspoon strikers!

In a historic move, hospitality workers involved in McStrike, TGI Fridays Strike and SpoonStrike [JD Wetherspoon] are staging coordinated walkouts on 04 October 2018 to highlight issues of low pay and insecure working in the UK hospitality industry. They are part of a growing movement of workers who face similar conditions of poverty pay, precarious contracts and lack of union recognition.

There is a strike at Brixton McDonalds this Thursday with a picket line from 8-9am. Facebook event is online here.

Read some more details about the background to the strike at Notes from Below and War on Want.

Lambeth UNISON would like to ask as many members as possible to come down and show some solidarity. McDonalds workers are desperate for a union to represent them

Our office members are showing solidarity with the strikers (left to right Simon Hannah joint Branch Secretary, Dan Jeffrey vice chair, Ruth Cashman joint Branch Secretary, Henry Roberts Assistant Branch Secretary, Jocelyn Cruywagen vice chair and Roger Lewis Assistant Branch Secretary).


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