Remember – by Lynette Paul

Lynette read out this great poem at Lambeth UNISON’s black history month event. She has kindly agreed to share it with you all!

Remember –  18/10/18


Lynette reading out her poetry at Lambeth UNISON’s Black History Month event, 2018

Remember the 70’s Black Power

The Fist…full of dollars and Clint

The Harder they come ….and Cliff

Richards, Summer Holiday

Bill Whithers – Lovely Day…………

When we’d get the cane at school

If we broke the rules

Remember bodies made of pillows in bed

Sneaking out to a rave, or All Nations instead

Sound systems, towering speaker box

Coxson sound, skanking

Althea & Donna’s Top Ranking, shaking locs

Base so heavy jumping hearts in your chest

Raving, bleaching with no rest

Police and thieves in the street…..Oh yeh…and

Money in my pocket but I just can’t get

No love….Rub a Dub

Remember, you said he was your cousin

Black Skin Boys’…..Sounds better

The Farah slacks, afros and plaits

Head scarfs granny shoes and wraps

What about the coloured photos

And fancy frames

Janet Kay and Silly Games

Lois Jeans, Jean’s Paradise

A splash of Old Spice

Denise Brown, Sugar, Black Pride

James, Say it loud

I’m Black and I’m Proud

Remember, the Fosters, Desmond’s

And Jackson Cartoon, Shaft and

Cleopatra Jones, you know…..

And what about Bob Marley ‘Get up stand up’, stand up for your rights

Withering Heights

The platforms, gold tip shoes, rhythm & blues

And Black lipstick

Remember the afro pick, plastic, metal, and wooden

Afro Sheen….We were seen….

Dr Who and Scooby Doo

Jackonory….Through the Square window

Sesame Street, Hawaii Five O

Not forgetting Return of the Mack…’Columbo’

What about the Route Master, Hip Hop

On and off before our stop

And the vinyl record shop

Remember the crochet clothed bottles

The cabinet and floral carpets

The Muppets

And Desmond Decker ‘Waking for breakfast’

In bed, Sanchez

Remember the time when…Michael was black

Black is the colour of my skin’

And Motown, don’t turn around

Thriller, Bounty Killer

Carol’s Hopelessly in….’Love with a Dreadlocks’

The Spirit of Lovers Rock

Mighty Diamonds are forever

Back to Africa, Ska

Soul II Souls- Back to life, back to reality

Back a yard, the In Crowd

Say it loud, I’m Black and I’m proud

© 2018 Lynette Paul

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