Save Lambeth Children’s Centres

Only two years after the last round of devastating cuts to our children’s centres, many children in Lambeth are in danger of losing out on essential early years support. You can save the local children’s centres!

The Council have announced:

  • plans to close of five Children’s Centres
  • plans to halve opening hours and slash provision at seven more centres
  • Job and service cuts across the borough

A public consultation runs until 10 February 2019, but the council has only offered one ‘drop-in’ session for members of the public, which totally inappropriately for parents of young children is being held at the Town Hall in the evening!


Stop the cuts!

We are urging the council to stop the cuts and end the restructure to the children’s centres.

We ask for a guarantee that number of sites, services, opening hours and staff will be maintained.


Consult properly!

We are calling for proper consultation, with consultation meetings in Children’s centres, during the day, with crèche places provided.

We are asking that the children centre staff can be involved alongside families in consultation meetings to share their experiences and knowledge.


What can you do?

Sign the petition;

Spread the word – tell your friends, put the poster up

Fill out the consultation (;

Write to your councillors;

If you use Lambeth Children’s Centres, please get in touch with us!

If you’d like to help us with this campaign, please get in touch with us

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