Why join Lambeth UNISON?

Recent victories won by your campaigning branch of Lambeth UNISON

UNISON is the largest trade union in the country with 1.3 million members. We organise across Local Government and Healthcare.

At Lambeth Council we are very active. Recently we have

  • Most staff at Lambeth Council work 35 hours a week instead of the more usual 37.5 in other boroughs. We also have an extra days holiday a year – thanks to the unions!
  • Won a major victory on Flexible Working, now there will be mandatory training for managers.
  • Fought to ensure our members in restructures are not made compulsory redundant. We have saved hundreds of jobs through campaigning and assimilation appeals.
  • UNISON has been at the forefront of raising the issue of institutional racism in the council. This has led to an acknowledgement by the Chief Executive that it is an issue, and an apology to staff. We now have an external investigator coming and will expect any findings to be implemented immediately.
  • UNISON stopped workers in Lambeth Living having their sick pay halved and have recently protected their rights to the flexi scheme brought over by TUPE
  • UNISON wins many job evaluation appeals every year, and recently got a number of staff increased from SO1 to PO1, and other staff increased from Scale 6 to SO1.
  • Lambeth UNISON has also done lots of solidarity work internationally including our members collecting for and taking aid to refugees in Calais and raising medical aid for people in Syria, Palestine and Haiti.

So really the question is… why not join UNISON? Go online to join.unison.org.uk or contact Simon (Shannah@lambeth.gov.uk) or Ruth (Rcashman@lambeth.gov.uk) the branch secretaries for more details

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