Meeting: Climate change isn’t “business as usual” 12th September

Lambeth Trades Council meeting to discuss actions happening on the 20th September against climate change

climate change is class war

Climate change isn’t “business as usual”

12 September Karibu Centre 7 Gresham Rd, Brixton, London SW9 7PH starting at 6pm

World Earth Day this year is on 20 September and there is a growing international campaign for workers to take action to save the environment.

Capitalism is the cause of climate change. It is our profit driven economy that is destroying the planet. Workers are in an incredibly strong position to take action, to freeze the machinery of climate destruction at the source.

Lambeth Trades Council are hosting a meeting on 12 September with speakers from the local trade unions and climate change activists

Come and discuss what we can do to fight alongside the inspiring school student strikers who are on the front line of the battle for climate change. The planet is dying, millions of species face extinction and the polar ice caps are melting. Irreversible climate change is already with us, the question now is how we can save the planet for future generations

We need system change not climate change!

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