Branch newsletter July-August 2019

The summer edition of our newsletter here for you to download!

In this Edition:
Lambeth BWG Joins Windrush Day of Action
RMO Terms and Conditions Victory for UNISON
World Earth Day: Climate Change isn’t “BAU”
Civic Centre Ground Floor Major Redesign: Health & Safety
The Exit Cap May Affect You!
The Return of Direct Labor?
Back Page: Upcoming Events, Training and Offers


Lambeth UNISON Newsletter 2019-07 July-August [click on link for PDF]

One thought on “Branch newsletter July-August 2019

  1. Harold Wilson says:

    I look forward to the return of Direct Labour Organisation.The bureaucracy, excessive costs and lack of oversight with street cleansing means we need to call time on Veolia. They have abused their market monopoly dominance. Why can’t London (Labour) councils pool their waste management and recycling? There are huge savings to involved in returning the service back in-house. And democratic control would return.


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