Building a movement to stop the no deal coup and defend democracy

Motion passed at Lambeth UNISON branch committee

This Branch Committee believes

  1. That Boris Johnson has carried out a coup against democracy by proroguing Parliament.
  2. That this is designed to ensure he can push through a No Deal Brexit, despite him having no mandate for such a policy and no majority in Parliament for it.
  3. That a No Deal Brexit would intensify the assault on jobs, pay, protective legislation and the welfare state, intensify the racist attacks on European and BAME workers, and jeopardise the livelihoods of three million EU citizens without settled status.
  4. That a No Deal Brexit would be an unwarranted act of economic aggression against the economy of Ireland, north and south.
  5. The Tories and Liberals would rather risk a No Deal exit than bring down the government in favour of a Jeremy Corbyn led Labour government.
  6. That the leadership of the Labour Party and the trade unions have a responsibility to take the lead in the fight against No Deal.

This Branch Committee notes

  1. That Clive Lewis MP has called on people “to take to the streets” in protest, John McDonnell has said that we need “more direct action” and that both Laura Smith MP and Lloyd Russell-Moyles MP have called for a General Strike to stop the coup.
  2. That at least 110 rank and file trade unionists, including four of our branch officers have signed our petition declaring that “Despite legal restrictions, we believe our unions, the Labour Party, and the whole working-class movement must urgently mobilise direct action, including protests, strikes, and occupations, in opposition to this development. We commit to arguing for this within our unions.”
  3. That our trade union leaders however, with the partial exception of Manuel Cortes, have not called for any action other than attending “local protests” (Dave Prentis).

Therefore, this Branch Committee resolves

  1. To call on the PLP, especially UNISON-sponsored MPs, to secure a vote of no confidence in the government and back a Labour government led by Jeremy Corbyn, and to support legislation aimed at blocking No Deal.
  2. To ask Labour MPs to rule out voting for any government of national unity, or one led by anyone other than the elected leader of the Labour party.
  3. In recognition of the fact that parliament has failed to resolve the crisis, to call on the TUC General Council to debate the crisis and pass an emergency resolution to mobilise their millions of members in action to stop No Deal by means of a General Strike.
  4. To mandate the Branch Committee, Officers and Stewards to look for other, earlier opportunities to organise direct action, protests and meetings to alert the members of the grave danger posed by the Johnson government.
  5. To set up a local committee of action, by inviting all local union branches, all Labour Party branches and neighbouring CLPs to send delegates to an initial meeting, to begin the process of coordinating action on the streets and in the workplaces to stop Johnson and drive him from office

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