Motion on backing Stand Up To Racism 8 February Trade Union conference & 21 March UN Anti-Racism Day demonstrations 2020

Motion passed at our January 2020 Branch Committee

Back Stand Up To Racism 8 February Trade Union conference & 21 March UN Anti-Racism Day demonstrations 2020

Comrades the General Election 2019 result is a tragedy. We are now having to face more cuts, racists attacks, victimisation and discrimination under this Tory government. It is disheartening that we have a government who’s only goal is it to advance the rich and privilege at the cost of worker’s rights. This government is not about pro migrants, pro minority, pro ethnic and pro-workers rights. This government is about hostility towards freedom of movement anti worker’s rights, anti-immigration and more Windrush scandals.

Lambeth UNISON Branch notes:

1. Racism, Islamophobia and antisemitism on are on the rise and we are seeing the scapegoating of migrant, refugees and Roma people.

2. Such racism is encouraged by mainstream politicians and media and in turn helps boost and legitimise the far right.

3. Black and ethnic minorities in Trade unions have a long record of challenging racism and fighting for unity.

Unison Branch  further notes:

1. Stand Up To Racism is organising a Trade Union Conference on Saturday 8 February in central London.

2. Stand Up To Racism is organising a demonstrations in London and Glasgow on 21 March on UN Anti-Racism Day.

Lambeth UNISON resolves:

1. To back the Stand Up To Racism Trade Union Conference, to circulate information to all members encouraging them to attend and to buy 4  tickets and pay for transport costs to the event.

2. To support and mobilise for the demonstration being organised in London/Glasgow on 21 March by Stand Up To Racism and the TUC on UN Anti-Racism Day.

3. To affiliate/re-affiliate to Stand Up To Racism at a cost of £50 per year for union branches.


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