Jon Rogers 1963-2023

It is with a heavy heart that we have to let you know that Jon Rogers, who was our branch secretary for 30 years, passed away last night.

Jon was someone who dedicated his life to trade unionism, to representing workers and organising to defend our rights at work. He served on the UNISON NEC for many years and earned the nickname Rulebook Rogers for his encyclopedic knowledge of UNISON’s often complicated rules. He was a life long Labour Party members and active in the left wing organisation the Labour Representation Committee.

He will be greatly missed by a huge number of people across the workers’ movement.

You should read this interview with Jon from last year

about his life

You can also get his very entertaining biography he finished shortly before he passed away which will give a very interesting insight into the history of Lambeth Council and UNISON in general.

Jon had been sick for a while now with cancer. However he was able to attend the UNISON conference last year in Brighton where he lived where he gave the address to the outgoing president Paul Holmes. All our thoughts are with Hassina Malik his partner who was with him until the end and his children Daniel and Sian as well as all his friends and comrades who loved him.

If you want to send message of condolences please email so we can collate them and pass them on.

2 thoughts on “Jon Rogers 1963-2023

  1. Janne Cassidy says:

    I was so sorry to read that Jon had died. Not only has his partner and children lost this wonderful man but Unison has also lost an amazing officer. I attended so many National Conferences and the highlight of each one was when Joh rose from his seat, walked slowly down the aisle to the podium and hesitated for a moment. He then made the most wonderful speaches to the members all of whom were hanging on his every word. Thanks Jon.


  2. Julie Barnett says:

    Jon was the person that you could approach what ever your troubles. He would always fight your corner. When I was facing redundancy in 2008 after nearly 30 years service. He was a pillar of support …his advice was invaluable. Condolences to his family. Thank you Jon we need more like you. RIP.


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