Don’t Steal Our Libraries – protest on 5 March

On the 1st April Lambeth Council plans to padlock the doors of five of our libraries. We love Lambeth libraries – which in the last 12 months have become one of the most improved libraries in the country. This is testimony to the hard work of the library staff, many working knowing that the council’s axe is hanging over their jobs and workplaces.

There is an alternative proposal in front of the council that will save jobs and keep all the libraries open. The council aren’t listening to what the people of Lambeth want.

This protest is a really important as we open up a month of action against their plans. Please come along to Windrush square in Brixton on 5 March at 10.30am – bring home made banners, whistles, your favourite books and friends.  The Facebook event is online here.dont steal our libraries