Policy on opposing the bombing of Syria

Policy from 2016 AGM to oppose the bombing of Syria by the British armed forces

Lambeth UNISON opposes the Government’s decision to bomb Syria. We condemn those MPs, both Tory and Labour who voted for bombing. We support the stance of Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn who has opposed the move to war.

We believe that more bombing will only pour fuel on the fire and increase the bitterness across the Middle East that has bred ISIS. Bombing Syria will only make a repetition of the terrible events in Paris more likely.

We further believe that the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq were a disaster and laid the basis for the present situation. Cameron’s government and those Labour MPs who backed him are repeating the same terrible mistakes made by the Blair government.

Lambeth UNISON supports Stop the War, to which UNISON is affiliated nationally, and will support any further mobilisations called by StWC against the war and to encourage all members to attend.

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