Policy on “refugees are welcome here”

Policy from our 2016 AGM to oppose anti immigrant and anti refugee racism

Lambeth UNISON notes

  • The worlds is witnessing the biggest movement of people since the Second World War;
  • Already this year 3000 people have drowned in the Mediterranean Sea trying to reach Europe, while thousands more languish in camps in the most appalling conditions;
  • The Government’s response has been completely inadequate and has concentrated on seeking to demonise people who fleeing war poverty and persecution not helping them;
  • Stand Up To Racism is a broad-based campaign that seeks to challenge racism, Islamophobias and the scapegoating of migrants and refugees.

We believe that:

(a ) The one hundred thousand people who attended the refugees welcome here march in London in October organised by Stand Up To Racism shows that there is widespread public support for allowing more refugees into the UK;

(b) The Government’s austerity measures poise the real threat to peoples’ standard of living not migrants and refugees

(c ) UNISON should continue to campaign to make the slogan refugees welcome here a reality.


We resolve to support

(a) Stand Up To Racism’s Winter Appeal to support the refugees of Calais;

(b) Stand Up To Racism’s national demo on 19th March to mark UN anti-racism day.

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