Public Meeting: Trading with Trump, a Brexit nightmare?

Public meeting on Trump, Brexit and trade – MONDAY 22 JANUARY, 7PM

Brixton Community Base, Talma Road, Brixton SW2 1ASHelen Hayes  MP for Dulwich and West Norwood
Amelia Womack  Deputy leader of the Green Party
Nick Dearden  Director of Global Justice Now
Ruth Cashman, Branch Secretary of Lambeth UNISON

Fancy chowing down on some chlorinated chicken? Or private US healthcare companies taking chunks out of the NHS?

Donald Trump has promised Theresa May a UK-US trade deal “very, very quickly” after Brexit, while trade minister Liam Fox has been cosying up to authoritarian leaders around the world, claiming new trade deals can be the solution to our post-EU problems. But current proposals in the Trade Bill allow the government to strike these deals without any public scrutiny or parliamentary oversight. Giving government ministers the power to bargain away rights and protections on everything from food safety to the NHS.

We stopped TTIP – now we need to secure a democratic voice in trade policy. To stop dangerous deals being done in the dark and ensure they put people before profit. Join us on Monday 22 January to find out how.

Find the event on Facebook:

Organised by Global Justice Now activists in London

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