Local government pay – consultative ballot is starting

The pay offer isn’t good enough, we need action!

All members covered by the NJC Pay Offer for local government and schools

UNISON’s National Joint Council recommends that members REJECT the Local Government pay offer. 
UNISON’s committee met 23rd January to consider the NJC pay offer for council and school support staff.
In a close vote, the NJC Committee decided to recommend that members REJECT the two-year 2018/20 pay offer.
The Committee believes that the offer falls short of our claim. However, the Committee is clear that the offer is the best that could be achieved by negotiationand that nothing short of substantial, all -out strike action could make the employers consider improving their final offer.

UNISON is now running a Consultative Ballot on whether to accept or reject the employers two year pay offer. Members will be consulted electronically using SurveyGizmo during the next two weeks. Members without Email will be consulted by postal ballot and will receive their information, ballot paper and pre-paid envelope shortly.

If your e-voting ballot paper or postal ballot has not been received by 26 February – contact us after first checking your Email Junk folder to ensure the ballot paper from SurveyGizmo has not been consigned to junk?

The UNISON NJC Committee considers that the offer it is the best achievable by negotiation and that nothing short of substantial, all-out strike action has the potential to improve the offer. Their view is explained in the member’s leaflet which can be accessed using this web link Pay Up Now – 6 February 2018

If you know of any colleagues who are members who have not given their Email address to UNISON – please ask them to do so as soon as possible. Likewise, if you have any special requirements to enable you to participate in the ballot such as Large Print etc., please contact the branch office asap.

Please take part in the consultation and read the leaflet referred to above before casting your SurveyGizmo vote.

If you are unsure about the pay offer and what it means for you, do not hesitate to contact either Ruth Cashman or Simon Hannah (Joint Branch Secretaries) at RCashman@lambeth.gov.uk or SHannah@Lambeth .gov.uk

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