N&G restructure – Sue Foster it’s time to get FRESH!

There has been some very peculiar behaviour in Neighbourhoods & Growth (N&G) where unions and staff were suddenly informed that three entire teams were being taken out of the restructure (Homes and Communities, Housing Regeneration and Major Capital Projects) but the strategic director Sue Foster refused to tell the unions or staff affected why!

We were flatly told it had nothing to do with any points the union had made during the consultation process and that it was a decision taken by the Chief Executive, Andrew Travers.

We asked Andrew Travers to speak to us but he referred us back to Sue who said she wouldn’t tell us anything! Hardly FRESH Values – Fairness, Respect, Honesty?

Why are such important decisions being made and staff and unions being kept in the dark like we are children?

Unison suspects it could have something to do with ‘Homes for Lambeth’? Those teams would make sense being spun off into the new housing entity – but if so why not just tell us?

HR and Sue Foster were being incredibly cagey and shifty in the meetings and were very concerned when we said we would escalate the matter in the Council.

Get in touch if you have any theories or have heard anything that could explain what is happening and why!

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