Neighbourhoods and Growth managers failing to consult – unions walk out

UNISON and GMB reps walked out of a meeting with senior managers in Neighbourhoods and Growth this week due to their complete failure to consult in any meaningful way and a persistent disregard for their own policies – staff have had enough!

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Neighbourhoods and Growth staff being treated unfairly

Staff in the recent Neighbourhood and Growth restructure (led by Sue Foster) are being treated unfairly by a senior management team who have decided to follow a procedure that will lead to more redundancies.

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N&G restructure – Sue Foster it’s time to get FRESH!

There has been some very peculiar behaviour in Neighbourhoods & Growth (N&G) where unions and staff were suddenly informed that three entire teams were being taken out of the restructure (Homes and Communities, Housing Regeneration and Major Capital Projects) but the strategic director Sue Foster refused to tell the unions or staff affected why!

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