Protest by Lambeth UNISON members in the Council’s Neighbourhoods and Growth directorate

Management just aren’t listening 

The protest today (Wednesday 27 June) outside the Town Hall by N&G staff is our attempt to get through to senior management that they have to listen to their workforce.

The restructure has been badly botched and policies have not been followed.

Management, led by Sue Foster, are completely unwilling to listen to reason and are intransigent about pursuing an approach which will lead to more redundancies.

Several teams are experiencing problems from managers not applying the flexible working policy fairly.

There is an ongoing issue around race discrimination which the council is dragging its feet on.

Stewards in N&G met and agreed the following things we are asking of the council. We think they are all completely fair and reasonable – the question is now, will the senior managers be?

We want:

  1. Proper assimilation panels to be convened (taking into account diversity on the panel) for the N&G restructure
  2. Expressions of interest before the generic reduction interviews
  3. An explanation of the ‘pause’ and ‘unpause’ of teams in Strategic Programmes in the N&G restructure
  4. Full and honest transparency in decision making
  5. A resolution of the trade dispute and collective grievances around flexible working.
  6. That the Council complies with its public sector equality duty in relation to outstanding issues, including the application of flexible working, hot-desking and the roll out of performance management.


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