Widening Windrush – lobby and petition

The racist tratment of the Windrush generation hasn’t gone away – here’s what you can do to help

There is a lobby of Lambeth Council on Wednesday 10 October from 6pm to call on Lambeth council to support the widening of the governments Windrush Scheme to include the descendants and family members who are still facing detention and deportation.

There is also a petition about compensation for those affected by the ‘hostile environment’ that specifically targeted Windrush generation people. It is a petition for parliament so if it gets enough signatures then it has to be debated.

Petition for no cap or limit on compensation for Windrush Generation and their descendants (link)

We want a fair compensation scheme for the Windrush Generation that is in line with compensation awarded by the courts in civil cases. There should be no artificial cap that will inadequately compensate those who have suffered emotionally, financially, lost their homes and citizenship.

Six months since Windrush Scandal was exposed there has been some progress and numerous apologies from the Prime Minster.The government intend to introduce a cap on all compensation claims despite the fact they did not recognise or consider any interim or hardship fund. The Windrush Generation plus others from the Commonwealth have paid their taxes and contributed to the wealth, prosperity and cultural identity of UK since WW2.The scheme needs to reflect this.

For more details please visit: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-44888187

Please click here for the petition.

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