School workers in Lambeth – JOIN UNISON and vote YES to strike against cuts


You should have received an email with regard to a consultative ballot on school funding cuts on Tuesday.

Lambeth UNISON urges you to VOTE YES to all questions on the ballot paper to campaign and to take action against school funding cuts.

We know as low paid school workers we are the hardest hit – first in line to lose our jobs, worsening terms and conditions, increased stress and workload, working long hours – when school funding is cut. And Lambeth schools have some of the worst cuts in England.

We are campaigning alongside the teaching unions (who are currently balloting on this issue) to take action to stop the cuts!

Please ensure you do the following NOW!

  • Please make sure you have passed on your current email address to: If you received an email from Unison to your preferred email account, then this has already been done.
  • Speak to your colleagues and check they are in a trade union. If they are not in a union they won’t be able to vote and that will mean one fewer message going to the Government. If they are not in a union, ask them to join Lambeth UNISON. They can sign up online by contacting:
  • Contact Lambeth UNISON in order to request flyers or information about the ballot to circulate among your colleagues by phone on 020 7926 2858 or email Jeremy Drinkall:
  • If you would like a UNISON speaker to come to your school to address members and answer questions, then also email Jeremy.
  • If on the other hand you no longer work at a Lambeth school, then please let us know and we will take your name off the list.


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