PROTEST: Save our Children’s Centres! 26 January in Brixton

Join the protest to save a vital service for parents and young children – 10.30 Windrush Square 26 January

Only two years after the last round of devastating cuts, Lambeth Council are at it again! They’ve announced plans to close 5 children’s centres in the borough. Seven more will have their provision cut in half, and staff across Lambeth are faced with losing their jobs.

Children’s centre are a lifeline for parents, carers and children in the borough, providing vital services for all our families – but especially those most in need of support. They are precious and we say to Lambeth Council, hands off!

There has already been a great protest at the Town Hall where parents organised a Stay and Play session in reception. Then in the evening campaigners joined up with Libraries campaigners to say no to cuts, keep the children’s centres and reopen our local libraries. 

Join the protest and defend our children’s centres against cuts. Bring your children, parents, neighbours, friends and pets. All welcome! Bring placards and items to make noise with!

Facebook event is online


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